Government is building digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. Idesia has the expertise to help transform those user needs and goals into digital by default services.


Idesia is an SME whose specialism lies in quality  software development solutions following the 18 principals steps within the Digital Service Standard guide.


The Government has transformed the services it offers on the GOV UK domain with clean crisp simple to use services. These are all following the GDS service patterns and governance, Idesia understands those principals and can help delivery services to meet the demanding dealines setout by Government.


We have a variety of tools and skills to hand to be able to spin up very quickly prototypes to be able to start the user research life cycle and the understanding of being able to listen and interpret the response back into the delivery.


Open source is always on our mind ensuring others can use and reuse the code and services.


Testing and automated delivery plays a big part in transforming services. Being able to react quickly, make test and deliver change is key to iterating service. We use open source testing and delivery techniques to ease the burden of delivery.


Having the right people doing the right job is crucial - Service Architecture and Design serves as the blueprint for the service with the primary goal of keeping the customer at the heart of the requirements. Idesia uses many techniques and is a big advocate of prototyping - putting a prototype up quick and fast in-front of the customer allows us to win or fail quickly.


Development - We have over 25 years expertise in a wide range of development techniques and methodologies like Agile and have won awards for solutions including REAL IT Award - "Innovation in Business". Skills include JAVA, JavaScript, Node, Express, SQL, GIS, NoSQL, Oracle, MS Dynamics CRM, ODATA, HTML, CSS, RESTful, Tibco, Mule, API Management, JSON, XML and many more.


Idesia is an approved supplier to the Government Digital Market Place and can supply appropriately skilled teams or individuals to help deliver the customers and service goal. With a proven track record with appropriately skilled people who are highly motivated and have a delivery ethos.


Automated delivery and testing - The key to building quality into our services is making sure we can get fast feedback on the impact of changes. We adopt both manual and automated testing - continually throughout the delivery process to ensure good quality and standards are followed.


We have expertise in automating delivery through a number of mechanism including Jenkins, Ansible scripts and tools with all source-code stored in GIT HUB. A good delivery life-cycle is key to a successful service delivery.




Idesia is an approved supplier to the Government Digital Market Place and can supply appropriately skilled teams or individuals to help deliver the customer needs and service goals.

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